About Us...

Tonbridge Civic Society
Strong indignation at the destruction of historic timber-framed buildings in the town centre between the Chequers Inn and the Big Bridge over the Medway led to the formation of Tonbridge Civic Society in 1963.
Since then the society has acted to monitor all planning applications and to promote design excellence in the built environment.

The society has about 500 members. It attempts to act for the benefit of the town as a whole.

It aims to encourage and promote:

  • interest in, and care for, the history, character and beauty of Tonbridge and its surroundings
  • the preservation, development and then improvement of features of general public interest
  • high standards of architecture and town planning in the Tonbridge area

We pursue these ends:

  • by means of meetings, lectures, exhibitions and publicity
  • by representing our views to the local authorities and by supporting them in all measures conducive to our aims.

We wish to help ensure that Tonbridge is a pleasant place in which to live, work and play, as well as an attractive town to visit

Future Goals
The society has a number of projects which it would like to see achieved: further development of the town centre's regeneration plan; the establishment of a proper traffic interchange at Tonbridge Station; the formation of an integrated and safe cycleway network; an urban design context for riverside improvements and development; the establishment of a town museum; enhancement of the remaining parts of the Fosse, a registered ancient monument; increase tree planting.

Key Personnel

President: Peter Charlton

Vice-Presidents: David Davis


Chairman: Diane Huntingford


Hon. Secretary: Susan Bevan

Hon. Treasurer & Membership Secretary: Jeremy Hills

Other Members of the Executive Committee

Sir Paul Britton

Avis Eaton

David Faulkner

Rebecca Lamb

Michael Higgins

Co-opted Committee Member

Owen Baldock


Membership is open to all who share the society's aims of promoting high standards in planning and architecture, as well as safeguarding our heritage.

The annual subscription for Individual membership is £7.50 and £10 for Family membership.

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